Friday, August 1, 2008

Automatic timeout from Linux Shell after some second of inactivity

Yes this can be done using TMOUT variable in /etc/profile file.
Add the following lines at the end of the file.
export TMOUT
This will automatically logout the opened session after 10min (10*60=600sec).

Use SARG with Apache on Fedora to Analysis Squid access log from a remote location

SARG is a powerful tool to analyse and to generator report from Squid access log.
Report can be generated in HTML format and it can be viewed from an Apache Web server easily.
To install sarg use the command "yum install sarg"
To use sarg, the command is sarg. Configuration file is "/etc/sarg/sarg.conf".
See the man pages of sarg for varoius options.
Once the report has been generated, I can place the report file(s) on Apache DocumentRoot.
Then can view it from a remote location.

Can not connect to Vncserver on Fedora 7 from Windows

On Fedora Server check whether vnc-server has been installed or not, using the command: rpm -qagrep "vnc"
If not, install it. Installation command "yum install vnc-server".
Not start vncserver. Command: vncserver
Try to connect from windows. Command: vncviewer IP_ADDRESS:1
If fails, check your Firewall settings. The port 5901 must be unblocked.
Configure Firewall using iptables to unblock the port 5901.
This will solve the problem.